5 Mountains You Must Climb Before You Die

Thrill-seekers who like to go mountain climbing know that this activity is the best method of enjoying spectacular views of our Earth that people on the ground are not able to see. While this leisure interest is not for those people who have weak hearts, our planet contains a lot of these admired peaks that have thousands climbing them every year for the thrill and the view.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran at mountain climbing, or a beginner who wants to try out this dangerous but exciting hobby, this article will provide a guide to 5 Mountains You Must Climb Before You Die.

1) Nepal’s Mount Everest

This peak has the reputation for being the tallest one on the face of the Earth, as well as providing climbs that are exhilarating yet hazardous. The team of Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit in 1953, and more than 2,000 mountain climbers have done the same over the years, but it is not necessary to go all the way up to see some great views. There are base camps that offer a safe and warm haven for travelers.

2) Peru’s Andes

For the people who love adventure and the environment, the Andes Mountains provide a varied bionetwork in the unique mixture of tropical forests, deserts, and plains in one location. You have to be ready for any challenges if you will brave the climb up these peaks that are covered in snow. In 1911, explorers found the Incas and the Machu Picchu here.

3) Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro

This peak with a flat top is sandwiched between Kenya at the northern region and Tanzania at the southern part. If you are trekking from one place to the other, this mountain will let you know that you are at the border. Shira, Mawanezi, and Kibo are the 3 extinct volcanoes that surround Mount Kilimanjaro as you will encounter rare birds and animals during your climb.

4) Mongolia’s Mount Khuiten

This extraordinary peak uses its abundant green steppes to attract mountain climbers and those people who crave for adventure. These steppes cover the countries of Mongolia, China and Russia, so climbers who gave their effort to go up will be rewarded with breathtaking scenery and an encounter with the hospitable Kazakh nomads who have made this place their home.

5) Mexico’s Iztaccíhuatl

The name of this mountain means “white woman” because its peaks that are covered in snow give out the form of a giant lady who is asleep. To visit it, you have to go south from the border of the United States and travel approximately 800 miles. It takes pride in being South America’s 7th tallest summit, where mountain climbers can easily be lured into its height of 17,159 feet.

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