5 Must-Visit Locales in Vietnam

This country used to be known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and is located at the eastern segment of Southeast Asia’s Indochina Peninsula. As of 2012, population growth statistics showed that Vietnam (this means “South Viet”, and this name has been in use since 1945) earned the #8 spot in Asia and the #13 spot around the world because there are approximately 91.5 million people living here. This country is beside the West Philippine Sea at the east, while Laos is at its northwest and Cambodia can be found at the southwest.

There are people who travel to a place just to get away from the hassles of everyday life, and there are those who visit a location to experience the flora and fauna and culture. This article was written as a guide for 5 Must-Visit Locales in Vietnam.

1) Mu Cang Chai

Sandwiched in between Yen Bai Province’s mountains is the poverty-stricken Mu Cang Chai. While the residents may not have much money, they are rich in terraced fields that are considered the most pretty in Asia as well as a national heritage. Sightseers and trekkers can get to this destination by going through the rough and hazardous terrain of Lao Cai or Yen Bai City.

2) Lai Chau0

Tourists who travel 450 kilometers northwest from the city of Hanoi will reach Lai Chau. Anyone who lives in this area or visits can “reach up and touch the sky” because the highland towns like Dao San, Ta Phin, and Sin Ho are situated over 1,500 meters above sea level. Because this area is elevated, it is foggy and cold. The almost 20 minor ethnic tribes living here are not complaining though.

3) Tam Dao Hill Station

If the tourists cannot stand the hot climate around the locale of the Red River Delta, they will find solace in this former French vacation spot (a war in the 1950s destroyed some of the buildings). Situated 80 kilometers from Hanoi, the locals visit this place during holidays or weekends, particularly if the plains’ temperature is reaching 40 degrees Celsius. Lai Chau has an elevation of 1,500 meters while Tam Dao reaches 1,200 meters. Visitors can bird-watch or hike while enjoying the average climate temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

4) Phia Den-Phia Oac

If mountain hikers want more adventure, this location beats Tam Dao and Lai Chau because 1,500 meters above sea level is just the average height that this location reaches. The tallest peak here was measured at 1,931 meters above sea level. Explorers have a complete package of cold mist, forests, caves, rivers, mountain ranges, and history with French colonialists (complete with villas and military bases).

5) Mai Chau

Tourists who travel 60 kilometers from Hoa Bin City or 135 kilometers from Hanoi will arrive at this green valley called Mai Chau. Those who want to stay for a few days with the locals here can try creating simple clothes or cook what the natives eat. They can also witness dance and music performances while eating skewered grilled meat and bamboo tube-cooked rice.

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