5 Places To Visit in Bhutan

Are you heading towards Bhutan to have a perfect holiday vacation? Well Bhutan is a great place to visit. As a tourist you will experience a bunch of new adventures and colorful journey while going from one to another in this tourist destination which is surrounded by mountains. Right from different rocky adventurous sites where you can enjoy perfect trekking jaunts to visiting Buddhist shrines, Bhutan has it all to cater to a traveler’s desires. Bountiful of fresh natural sites are also another attraction of Bhutan where forests and wildlife welcome the tourists across the world.

Farmer’s market: The farmer’s market is located in the capital city Thimpu. This market is one of the biggest and busiest sites of Thimpu where you can see a huge array of different groceries such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, dry fruits, nuts and many more. If you love visiting grocery markets in foreign country lands or a have a chef inside your heart, then you can pick the best raw materials of food from this place at a very economic price.

RAPA: Another major attraction of Bhutan is Royal Academy of Performing Arts. If you are a connoisseur of fine arts and performance based artistic skills then RAPA is the place to be in Bhutan. A lot of the old traditional dance forms and performances can be known after visiting this place. The famous mask dance of Bhutan is also taught at RAPA by experienced professionals to young talents. You are bound to feel enchanted once you witness the colorful mask wearing dancers give enthralling performance at RAPA.

Textile museum: If you are eyeing to collect the famous Bhutanese silk textiles with you back home after completing your stay in Bhutan, then visiting the textile museum should be your ultimate plan. Great array of authentic Bhutanese textiles are available in the national textile museum of Bhutan.

Traditional medicine: Bhutan is known to be the best provider of traditional medicines. Be it body ache, painful joints, dental problems or even skin problems, the age old shops selling the traditional medicines of Bhutan are always crowded with customers from across the world.

National park of Dorji: If you appreciate company of natural environment and wildlife, then visiting the Jigme Park will give you a great experience. Right from white tiger to bear, sambas, deer, a great range of colorful birds, all can be seen at the Jigme Park in Bhutan.

So, pack your bags and head for the best north east country in the Indian subcontinent. Travelling Bhutan with your family for 10 days will not cost much. Organized trips with tourist agencies will be available for around $1000 per head with some discounts for children.

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