Budget Friendly Museums in Washington DC

Washington DC is one of the best places that you can ever visit. This is not necessarily because of the presence of the American President’s home and office, but also because of the numerous attractions that bring Washington DC to life. In fact, Washington DC is home to excellent restaurants, diverse cultures and most importantly world-class museums that are always guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories. Considered to be one of America’s best travel destinations, Washington DC lives up its name hence you can never be disappointed. What’s more, if intend to visit Washington DC on a budget you can still be sure of accessing some of these attractions at minimal or no fee at all. This is one of the reasons people frequent Washington because you do not have to spend so much in order to have that memorable experience.

There are several budget friendly monuments, memorials and museums that are worth visiting during your stay here. These include the nineteen Smithsonian museums as well as galleries that offer free admission to everyone. These groups of museums are also located right within the city, so you can be sure of the ease of access. Within these museums, you can enjoy hundreds of exhibits that touch on the various aspects of the American history. So you could say that a visit to these museums gives you an excellent opportunity to familiarize with history. Some of the museums that are classified under the Smithsonian group of museums include the Air and Space museum, the American Indian museum, the Anacostia community museum and the African American history and culture museum among others.

Other budget friendly museums in Washington include the American Civil War Memorial and Museum. This museum also offers free admission even though you could donate something. It displays newspaper articles, photographs as well as type of clothing, weapons and uniforms that were used during the American Civil war. The other museum that you could visit is the DAR museum that refers to Daughters of American Revolution. It features the items that were used in the pre-industrial era such as textiles, silver, ceramics among other things. This museum also offers free admission. There are numerous other museums in Washington that are budget friendly and so you can be sure to enjoy your time there and indulge in the fascinating aspects of American history without spending very much money at all.

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