Delightful Lisbon

The capital and the largest city of Portugal, spread across steep hillsides overlooking Rio Tejo, Lisbon is truly delightful. The city is recognized as a global city for its importance in finance, media, entertainment, arts, trade, education and tourism. Being the major economic center of the continent, it is the largest container port on Europe’s Atlantic coast as well. It is one of the oldest cities of the world.

Lisbon offers a Mediterranean climate with warmest winters in Europe with an average temperature of 8 degrees at night and 15 degrees in the day. The temperature can reach up to 20 degrees in summers.

The city has a magnificent colorful landscape. Gothic cathedrals, quaint museums and majestic monasteries are an integral part of its charming aura. Wandering down the narrow lanes of Lisbon’s lovely backstreets you can truly devour the delightful beauty of the city. Alfama— the oldest district of Lisbon, Bairro Alto— a central attraction of the youth for the sake of its nightlife, Baixa (the heart of the city), Belém, Chiado— the traditional shopping area, Estrela— the church with a giant dome located on a hill, and Parque das Nações— the newest district of Lisbon, are a must-visit for the tourists. Your visit will be remarkable and it won’t be easy for you to let go of the images from your mind.

The hill-top district of Bairro Alto consists of a dozen restaurants and bars running along the narrow streets. You will feel awed in the streets with jazz, reggae and electronica music filling the air, which may inspire you to party until the dawn. Nightclubs are scattered all over the town and will keep you awake all night long.

The yellow trams stroll through the old quarters of the city, which is a traditional.  The Lisbon’s Metro is the main artery of the transport system, connecting the city with the upper eastern districts and the suburbs. Bridges or the ferries are used for crossing the river. Lisbon’s Portela Airport is located within the city limits which provide for the airways.

In some parts of the town, the visitors and the locals chase the ghost of Pessoa in warmly lit 1930s-era cafés or walk along the seaside, which saw the celebrated return of Vasco Da Gama.

The tourists understand that the Lisbon experience is quite exhilarating and encompasses so many wonderful things that it is really hard not to come back again. The glorious beaches of Sintra lie just outside Lisbon and are a great attraction for the tourists.

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