Exploring London on a Budget

London is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Visiting this great city is an experience unlike others. However, London has the most expensive cost of living worldwide, which discourages many people from travelling and exploring this elegant city.

If you’re planning on visiting London, you need to do your research and find out everything you can about it. It is to help you prepare your trip and avoid the hassles you might encounter when visiting London. It can also help you budget your time and money to make sure that you have a pleasurable and unforgettable time in London.

Choosing the right place to visit in London can also help avoid spending so much. So, what places can you visit for free? Here are a few suggestions:

1) The National Gallery

This wonderful museum showcases breathtaking 13th century to 19th century Western European paintings. The National Gallery has the largest collection of art works by the greatest artist around the world like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

2) The Natural History Museum

What started as a personal art collection of one individual soon became the biggest natural museum in the word. The Natural History Museum contains various Earth Science specimens that range from giant skeletons to microscopic slides. So, when in London, be sure to drop by this wonderful place.

3) The Buckingham Palace

You have not truly experienced London if you don’t visit the Buckingham Palace. Not only does it house the Queen and other royalties, the changing of guards is a spectacle you wouldn’t want to miss. Aside from that, you might just a glimpse of the royalties when you visit this place.

4) The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the most famous all over the world with thousands of people visiting it on a daily basis. It is known for its vast collection of Roman, Greek and Egyptian collections. If you’re a Dan Brown fan, it is also here where you can find the Rosetta Stone believes to hold the key that will unlock the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphics. The best part here is that entrance to the British Museum is free.

5) The National Maritime Museum

Although it may not be the largest in the world, the National Maritime Museum is definitely the largest museum in United Kingdom. One of the attractions in this place is the Queen’s House which contains a wide range of maritime art. Because it is located in the Prime Meridian, you’re literally on both sides of the world- the Eastern and Western hemisphere. Undeniably, this is one hell of a London trip you’d never want to miss.

6) The Victoria and Albert Museum

If you’re interested to know a little bit about history and life in the past, you should put the Victoria and Albert Museum on your itinerary. This wonderful museum features a huge collection of artifacts dating almost 3000 years ago. The collection includes jewelry, textiles, carpets, tapestries, furnishings, glass and musical instruments from all over the world.

7) Covent Garden

Located in the heart of London, the Covent Garden is popular for its trendy shops, classy restaurants, pubs, bars and street performers. It is also here where you can visit the Royal Opera House and enjoy the classic and moving performances of theatre performers.

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