Fascinating Croatia

Parted by Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Serbia in the east, and Montenegro to the south, Croatia is a beautiful country situated in the Balkans and in Central Europe.

Understanding the Climate

The climate varies throughout the country. While the central and the upland regions have mountainous climate, the northern parts of the country possess a temperate continental climate. The whole Adriatic coast has an affable Mediterranean climate. Snow-lovers ought to find the central and northern regions fit for their visit in winters.

Where to Visit

The history of Croatia is very impressive and thus the cultural heritage can be seen in numerous sites. Almost every town has an historical center with a magnificent architecture. The architecture varies from coast to the continental areas. The best example of coastal architecture is Dubrovnik. Another example is the capital city Zagreb which has a population of 1 million people and consists of all modern features. Other spots frequented by the tourists are Osijek and Vukovar which also comprise of vineyards and wine cellars, thus providing a great taste to the visitors.

Sailing down the waters is the best way to see the awe-inspiring coastal islands and the networks of small archipelagos. Bareboat and crewed charters are provided by many Croatian companies for the same. Don’t forget to shop all the necessary groceries before a chartered vacation as the sea is unpredictable and you might need them if your boat gets stuck. Marina provides an optimum place to shop but stuff might be quite expensive there.

The lighthouses are a great source of visitors’ attention. You’ll find most of them situated on the deserted coastlines or in the open sea. They provide a perfect place to rejuvenate. Being cut from the rest of the world, the lighthouses offer a soothing experience and provide a peaceful environment. Smelling the roses in such an environment can be a stress-buster. The best way to relax is to take part in a Robinson Crusoe style holiday. There are, in all, eleven lighthouses along the Adriatic coast, namely Savudrija, Sv. Ivan, Rt Zub, Porer, Veli Rat, Prisnjak, Sv. Petar, Plocica, Susac, Struga and Palagruza.

Food and Drinks

It won’t be fair to say that the restaurants offer typical Croatian meal as the cuisine is quite divergent. Sausage lovers must try Kulen or Kulenova Seka which can be grabbed in the eastern continental regions. Like meat? Čobanac is a must which is a mixture of several different kinds of meat served with red spicy paprika on top.

Here are several other delicacies which will provide you a taste for forever like štrukli (pasta filled with cheese) or the truffles in the coastal regions. Croatia is famous for its delicious desserts. Alcoholics can try various kinds of fine wines as it is the producer of a broad palette of high quality wines and brandies.

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