How to Survive a Long Plane Ride

Taking a long flight can be quite tiresome and often boring regardless of whether you are travelling for leisure of for business. However, you have the ability to turn the situation around for yourself during the many hours that you will be aboard thereby effectively passing time while ensuring a comfortable and memorable trip.

To begin with, you will need to ensure that you get enough sleep prior to your trip. This is important as it cushions you from getting more tired as well as reduced you chances of being from to jetlag. The second thing that you can do for yourself is to eat a healthy meal on the evening before the flight as well as just before boarding the plane. This way, you can be sure of getting a light and nutritious meal into your system rather than relying on any snacks that might be provided by the airline. If you’re likely to be seated on the plane for many hours then this will go a long way to ensuring your comfort and minimize the chances of uncomfortable stomach cramps.

During the flight, you should certainly consider moving around as this promotes proper circulation of blood. Also, be sure to stay dehydrated because the atmosphere is usually dry. The best way to do this is to sip water, slowly and often. As much as you might like to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or even a beer or two on your long plane ride, it is actually advisable to avoid caffeinated as well as alcoholic drink as they tend to dehydrate you.

If there are any unwanted noises in the plane, you can always use your ear plus or noise reduction earphones. You will do well to watch a movie or two during flights that last more than ten hours. Alternatively you could bring along a game. If you are not a movie person or a gamer, then another good option is to bring a long a good novel or magazines as this will engage you for the better part of the flight and the time should pass be quite pleasurably.

Remember that carry-on luggage can be a bother so always ensure that you minimize it to at least one easy bag. It is also advisable to bring a toothbrush and paste so that you can freshen up at the end of the journey before going to meet people. For guaranteed comfort, ensure that you do not sit close to the washrooms as you could experience distractions with the high volume of passengers squeezing by to access them. Taking all this into consideration, you should be able to survive your long plane ride and make it as comfortable, and as enjoyable as possible.

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