Kuta: The Coastal Town

Providing with one of the best surfing in the world, Kuta is an astounding coastal town located in the south of the island of Lombok in Indonesia. The cliffs, and the mountains reaching the coast, create a barbed and picturesque landscapes and views. It comprises of some of the best beaches in Indonesia with pristine white sand, and transparent blue-greens in the water. Most of the visitors are surfers, which is pretty much obvious.

Places to Visit

Kuta comprises of some exotic beaches and the most dreamt about are the private white beaches. There are in total six famous beaches which can’t be missed.
  •  Kuta Beach at Kuta village is the most visited beach due to the number and quality of accommodations and the delightful food at numerous restaurants.
  •   Pantai Seger is the best beach for the surfers as it is dominated by strong currents. Thus, it not considered appropriate for the swimmers.
  •  Selong Belanak lies bordered by two rocky promontories and is an extremely beautiful bay. Visitors might also want to relax and enjoy in a nearby beach called Mawi.
  •   Pantayi Putri Nyale aka Novotel Beach is a dazzling beach with high tides. Visitors might not want to visit at low tides as it is completely dry at that time.
  •   Tanjung A’an consists of two white bays bordered with a rocky outcrop. The place is tremendous for swimmers excluding the strong currents of Eastern Bay occasionally.  A few snacks and drink stalls are located on the beach.
  •   Mawun comprises of pristine sand and clear water. There is a big tree, which people corral around for shade. The beach doesn’t offer much facility for food and has only a few drink stalls but is an excellent place to relax and rejuvenate.

What to Do

As mentioned earlier too, Kuta is more likely to be visited by surfers. It consists of some world-class shores, point breaks and reefs along the coast. Some of the popular surf breaks are:

  • Seger Reef
  • Gerupuk
  • Air Guling
  • Tanjung Aan

People interested in fishing might want to grab the opportunity of sport fishing in the waters of Kuta. One can find a decent fishing at day by hiring chartered boats. Shopaholic people can visit the village of Kuta but won’t find much of other stuff except the basic necessities of a traveler.

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