The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

Packing your suitcase is one of the essential preparation stages that come before travelling, and it can often be a time consuming task. While packing away a few clothes for a short break or vacation may seem to be a simple undertaking, it is sometimes frustrating especially when you realize that you want to pack more than what the suitcase can accommodate.

The best way to prepare for packing your suitcase is to begin by making a list of the items that you will need on the trip, after which you can evaluate it and eliminate those that you can do without. In doing so, however, you will want to utilize the available space to its full potential, and so it’s a good idea to scrutinize your list before packing a single item. In doing so, you will also want to consider a good packing strategy so that the contents of your suitcase make best use of the space and weight available, and also arrive at your destination in the best possible condition.

So then, what is the best way to pack a suitcase? You will need to ensure that your clothes are exposed to minimal wrinkling for ease of wearing upon arrival. It is usually advisable that you fold the stiff clothing items and place them at the bottom while the light clothes can be rolled and placed on top of the stiff ones. Shoes and wash bags also need to go at the bottom. Your may also want to consider putting your wash bag inside a plastic bag just incase your sun scream or shampoo spill while you are on transit. Ensure that you carefully roll your socks as well as underwear and place them inside your shoes. This is an excellent way of maximizing on space.

If you are carrying any items that could easily break then you will need to ensure that they stay at the centre of suitcase in order to avoid breakages, as they will be cushioned by the tenderness of the light clothes. You will also do well to take advantage of any available crevice for your small items such as your chunky necklaces as well as bracelets.

Wearing the bulkiest pair of shoes during your travels will also help you to save on space, because strappy sandals or flats are lighter and take less room to pack. Dry cleaning bags may be used to cover separate layers of clothes so as to prevent creasing. Travel items that you may require in the course of the journey or immediately you arrive at your destination such as travel chargers, books, first aid kits and belts may be placed at the top. Most importantly, always ensure that you travel light.

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