Top Hawaiian Island: Maui and its Destinations to Visit

When you hear the name Maui, it takes you to another world only. You start imagining yourself standing on white sandy beaches, enjoying crystal clear water and waves with a spectacular sunset spreading its golden rays over you. The beauty of Maui starts where your imagination ends. In such a beautiful place one just falls in love. You fall in love with the place, its places, its activities, and once visited it always pulls you to visit it again. Thus here we are with top picks of Maui to visit when you get there.

Road to Hana

Road to HanaPrepared for an adventure? Get ready for breath taking drives, for a roller coaster ride and wild experiences. Hana highway is a great combo of jungle valleys, towering cliffs, and around 600 twist and turns. There are 59 bridges which come across the way to Hana, offering the most scenic drives in the world. On the way to hana, you can go to Paia where you can explore history. You can may of the other things like spectacular beaches in Hawaii, beautiful waterfalls, tropical landscapes, botanical gardens, cultural attractions, 4 wheel driving, points of scenic lookout, and many more places. It can be said that your eyes might end its capacity to capture the beauty but road to hana doesn’t stop from offering such attractions.

Halaekala national park

Haleakala National Park10023 feet high above the magical island of maui, sets the enormous haleakala tower. The most popular sightseeing in halaekala is the incredible volcano. One of the most popular revisited Hawaiian place, halaekala offers diverse range of beauty to explore. Starting from the volcanic landscapes, subtropical rainforest to backcountry trails, it offers a pleasant natural beauty. You get a surreal feeling when you picture yourself wrapped in a blanket of predawn in the frozen air surrounded by people trying to keep them warm.

Iao valley state park

Iao valley state parkLocated just beyond the Wailuku in central Maui area, Iao valley state park is an area consisting of 4000 acres in total. It consist of a beautiful historical landmark “Iao Needle” which 1200 feet high phallic shaped, emerald green colored which shoots up from the valley floor. The centerpiece of this mystical state park is pinnacle. Placed enormously into the deep folds of lush green forests Iao is extremely gorgeous place and that’s the reason why Hawaiin kings hides the kapu on the valley restricting bad eyes to set on this serene beauty.

Makena state park

Makena state parkComposed of over 165 acres, Makena state park is situated south of wailea. There are two heart throbbing beach known as the two most beautiful beaches of maui, Makena’s big beach and little beach. The big beach oh makena is very popular for skim boarding and skim boarding. While the little beach is very famous for Sunday afternoon fire dancing and drum circle parties. Both this beaches are very good for spending a day with our family, friends and soulmate. You can take extreme pleasure of sunbath, calm waves and beautiful sands and winds.

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