Travel Destinations that Celebrities Love

Quite often, celebrities take time away from the limelight to relax and have a good time. Most of these celebrities have travel destinations they consider to be their hidden paradises; retreats that they can rely on for a serene and quiet environment where they can unwind from their busy lifestyles without having to worry about being followed by the media.

There are quite a number of hotspots that are very popular with the celebrities and their families. Perhaps you might consider one of these travel destinations for your next vacation? You may be fortunate enough to stay at one of the many 5 star hotels that celebrities have stayed in, or witness some grand vacation homes that are owned by the rich and famous. And you never know who you might bump into on your travels!

One of the most popular and well-loved destinations by celebrities is the South beach in Miami. The shores of this beach have often played host to celebrity-only parties. Some of the celebrities that frequent this destination include Paris Hilton, Jay-Z and Madonna.

Hawaii is the other popular celebrity getaway destination as well as the home of many actors. Hawaii offers a great opportunity for celebrities to enjoy the sun as well as other beautiful sites that this city has to offer. While on your vacation in Hawaii, you could be lucky enough to bump into celebrities such as Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox.

Another common celebrity destination is Mallorca in Spain. Some of the big names that have visited this place include the Duchesses and Dukes of Europe and King Juan Carlos. Perhaps the attraction to Mallorca could be mainly because of the great yachting excursion experiences that are offered here as well as the luxury of the resorts on this island that is considered to be a small paradise.

Rio de Janeiro is also one of the cities that is a hotspot for celebrities. This city is said to be sexy and lives up to its expectations as it hosts carnivals by the beach. Moreover, the beach is said to have good water as well as a sun bathing spot.

Another celebrity destination that is frequented by prominent entertainers is the French Riviera with the most preferred hotspots being Cannes and St. Tropez. While Cannes hosts the annual film festival, St. Tropez offers great yachting vacations as well as exquisite restaurants. Some of the celebrities that love visiting French Riviera include P. Diddy, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham among others.

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