Travel to Maldives and Enjoy a Sunny Side of Life

Maldives is covered with turquoise reef, yawning blue oceans, ashen grimy beaches and large palm trees. It is an ideal location for those people who love natural beauty, breathtaking sunset and sunrise scenes. Beautiful and colorful fishes swim around the glowing corals and gain the attention of the travelers. Tourism and fishing are the most famous industries of this country and offer a lot of money to the inhabitants.

Various other attractive and exciting things of Maldives for the travelers are:

The Environment: Maldives present magnificent environment which includes miraculous natural spots, beautiful turtles, big dolphins, Whale Sharks, masses of plankton, beautifully designed water ponds and various unique types of wildlife to magnetize the tourists.

Interesting traditions of Maldives: The amalgamation of cultures is very much observed in the arts. The melodies are played with a local big-drum and resemble that of African style drumming. Tourists really like the traditional embroidered dresses which are prepared with thread work and look marvelous.

Diving Maldives: The balmy seas help the visitors to enjoy the plunging in Maldives. Seas are covered with three thousand coral reefs and present the perfect conditions to the swimmers with professional divers’ guidance. Safari boats offer proper training with well-monitored plunging services. The most unwilling diver can take pleasure from the exquisiteness of Maldives submarine life with the help of these best diving facilities and support of the experienced instructors.

The Maldives Honeymoon: Newly married couples prefer to visit Maldives for the celebration of their love in this most romantic and striking place. It presents gorgeous sceneries, astounding Islands, candles light dinners at five star hotels, delicious and yummy breakfast in morning, quixotic locations and night fishing trips to make their honeymoon more outstanding.

Guest House in Maldives: Famous guest houses in this thrilling place are Abalone Tourist Inn, Athama Palace, Candies, gorgeous City Hide Away and Extra Heaven and offer a relaxing environment to the guests. These guest houses are close to shopping malls from where you can buy traditional jewelry, clothes, cosmetics, electronic widget, crafted items and perfumes.
Maldives Resorts: These resorts are considered as the most excellent holiday resorts throughout the World. Incredible Maldives resorts are Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, fanatastic Alimatha Aquatic Resort and Anantara Dhigu Resort and Spa Maldives. All these resorts consist of fully furnished and comfy rooms’ and provide all basic amenities to satisfy the customers.

Maldives Hotels: These hotels offer twenty-four hour room service, twenty-four hour coffee shop, beach volley, spa facilities, beach football, wake boarding, aqua aerobics, entertainment shows, and valet and laundry services to the visitors. Eminent hotels are Beehive Nalahiya Hotel, Central Hotel, Marble Hotel, Mookai Hotel, Nasandhura Palace Hotel  and Traders Hotel.

Eye-catching places of Maldives for the tourists: Grand Friday Mosque is the largest mosque of Maldives. It was constructed by the famous Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656. National Museum is the major sightseer attraction destination of the Maldives. Mulee Aage Palace is situated in border of the Friday mosque. It was constructed in the year 1906. Other charming places of this country are Hukuru Miskiiy, Esjehi Art Gallery, Artificial Beach, Jumhoorie Maidan, Male Fish Market , Beautiful beaches of Maldives and Mohammed Thakurufaanu Tomb.

Breezy twilight, sunny days, pleasant mornings and sparkling sunsets of Maldives catch the attention of the travelers. Gloomy skies and grey seas offer an enjoyable experience to you and your family members in Maldives.

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